Lung Research Open Day

On May the 6th Dr Rebecca Holloway from the Airway Disease section organised a Lung Research Open Day for study volunteers. The aim of the event was to give feedback to the volunteers and to tell them about the research done within the NHLI and BRU. The session opened with an introduction from Prof Peter Barnes thanking the volunteers for their involvement in our studies and explaining the need for our research. This was followed by presentations given by clinicians and basic scientists to give an overview of what happens to the samples given by volunteers and how their participation furthers our research. Research areas covered included COPD exacerbations, defective phagocytosis of bacteria by macrophages (see picture below), airway remodelling and the use of nanoparticles in lung research. The feedback from the attendees was very positive:

‘Brilliantly informative!’

‘Excellent, very informative and well presented.’

“It was really stimulating to learn the breadth of research projects. Amazing!’

The presenters – Dr Rebecca Holloway, Dr Simon Brill, Dr Andrew Durham and Dr Andrew Thorley – also thought the event was a success, and would be happy to be involved in more events like this.

Phagocytosis by fluorescence_image for NHLI Blog_2015-05-29

By Rebecca Holloway


Filming for Athena – 2

Below: Lisa Gregory talking to Al McCartney about NHLI’s Athena programme and how she has benefited from Athena. This short video will be part of a longer video promoting and celebrating the Athena successes of the departments in the Faculty of Medicine. More on the FoM Athena video can be found in the previous post.


Filming for Athena

NHLI’s Web Coordinator Helen Johnson and the FoM Digital Communications Officer Al McCartney joined forces with the NHLI Athena Admin Lead Maija Maskuniitty last month to film NHLI staff who have benefited from Athena SWAN.

These short case studies will be part of a longer video promoting and celebrating the Athena successes of the departments in the Faculty of Medicine. Big thanks to the NHLI staff members who took part – Charlotte Dean, Lisa Gregory, Clare Lloyd and Jeremy Parker.

Athena actions and initiatives that the interviewees commended included flexible working arrangements, Bring Your Child to Work Day, the New Scientists Day, the NHLI Foundation Travel Awards and our mentoring scheme.

The video is currently being edited, but a couple of preview photos from the filming sessions are shown below and in the following post. We will post the full video once it’s ready – watch this space!

Below: Clare being interviewed by Maija and filmed by Al.


Welcome to the NHLI Blog!

The NHLI Blog is launched as part of the NHLI’s Athena SWAN programme. The blog will feature posts on topics of interest to NHLI staff and students, ranging from articles on research or work/life balance through to flat shares and upcoming events.  The blog will also cover topics directly related to Athena SWAN such as training courses, news articles and videos – and can include posts on personal, family and non-work achievements of our staff and students.

If you’d like to contribute to the blog, please get in touch with Dr Maija Maskuniitty (

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