Gale Lewis jogging to Cambridge to raise money for The Hunger Project!

NHLI’s Gale Lewis (photo below) is jogging from London to Cambridge to raise money for The Hunger Project, a global, strategic non-profit organisation committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. Over the last 25 years, the organisation has pioneered strategies that work, and has discovered that communities can sustainably end their own hunger when they start with womenmobilise everyone, and engage government.

This is what Gale has to say about the challenge: ‘I am about to embark on my third year of long distance challenges for the Hunger Project. My training is going well and I recently completed the longest of my training walks which was 32 miles in 9 and a half hours. This year’s challenge is non-stop walking or jogging from London to Cambridge (100 km) in hopefully less than 22 hours. I have completed the first part of my fundraising for this year by participating in the Live below the Line, living on £1 per day for five days, but if you would like to support me in my biggest challenge yet – the non-stop 100 km – it would be gratefully appreciated.’

Gale’s fundraising page can be found here:

More information on The Hunger Project can be found via these links:

Blog_Gale Lewis_2015-07-28


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