Ready, steady, bake!

The first ever NHLI bake-off took place on Friday 31st of July. Competition was fierce, and the judges – Sara Rankin, Ellen Dowell and Miriam Moffatt (pictured below) – had a hard time on their hands choosing between diverse entries. The judges were happy to see that there were no soggy bottoms and that all cakes passed the crumb test. The winners of the bake-off were:

Technical Merit: Jennifer Simonotto, Rasheda Chowdhury and Grace Ma, who represented the Cardiac Function Group. Their technically impressive entry was a hypertrophied heart with a left ventricular assist device.

Outstanding Flavour: Ryan Robinson from the Respiratory Pharmacology Group. His delicious creation was the profiterole lungs – normal and a smoker’s.

Marvellous Decorations: Mary Morrell, representing the Sleep Group. Her beautifully handcrafted entry was a lemon flavoured bronchiole with alveoli.

Star Baker: Rebecca Ashmore – with assistance and encouragement from Tankut Guney and Breanna Fletcher – from Airway Disease. Their impressive winner creation was a complete set of beautiful lungs (pictured below).

Bake-off judging Lung cake

Thanks to the bakers and everyone who turned up to wonder at the creativity of our staff and consume lungs and diseased hearts – no better way of spending Friday teatime!

By Prof Sara Rankin


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