The laboratory of Vania Braga (Molecular Medicine, Division of Respiratory Sciences) participated this summer in the recently launched initiative Imperial College Global Summer School. The main goal is to provide stimulating experiences in STEM that help to guide students into study and eventually careers in these fields. The program also included a number of enrichment activities interspersed throughout in addition to a robust pastoral care programme. The initiative attracted around 300 students (14-18 years old) from all over the world to enjoy two weeks of science activities and a flavour of academic research (and an intensive social program).

Vania Braga together with Dr. Anita Hall (Faculty of Natural Sciences) were leaders for the FoNS and FoM Stream Module. This stream aimed to provide students with insights and hands-on experience of cell biology experiments and their impact in medical research and drug development, cancer research in particular. All members of the Braga laboratory were involved in preparing cell samples to understand tumour metastasis and in demonstrating imaging techniques.   The activities can be seen in the video above.