Should the UK remain a member of the EU: what is best for science?


Before the end of 2017, members of the public in the UK will vote in a referendum to answer the question “Should the UK remain a member of the EU?”. The voice of science and the impact of EU membership on how we carry out our research (and business) needs to be heard in this debate. EU membership is a topic about which people feel strongly and it is vital that everyone who votes is well informed on how the outcome of the referendum could affect them and the issues they care about.

With this in mind, the Biochemical Society has launched a survey to gather the views of the molecular bioscience community. Everyone can contribute: you don’t need to be a member, based in the UK, a UK national or be at any particular stage of your career. The important thing is to collect information and then use it to raise awareness and ensure that we have an informed debate. Those of us who are voting need to decide where to put our mark on the ballot paper – and the decision we make will determine the UK’s relationship for decades to come.

Are you interested in the impact on collaborations? On the UK funding landscape? On researcher mobility? On something else entirely? There are important points on both sides of the debate so whatever you think, click on the link and spend 10 mins filling in the questionnaire: The survey closes on 19 February 2016.

by Dr Charlotte Dodson


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