Imperial Business School to award Forté Foundation scholarships to outstanding female MBA students

Photo for Forte Foundation blog post

A recent news article by Laura Singleton on the Imperial College website highlighted scholarships worth £22,500 offered to high achieving female MBA students by Imperial College Business School in partnership with the Forté Foundation. The Forté Foundation is a non-profit organisation that champions women’s progression within business through access to education, and the fellowships are open to all women applying to the full-time MBA programme at the Imperial Business School.

Female students chosen as Forté Fellows will receive a wide range of benefits, including the opportunity to attend the annual Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference and a chance to meet executives from companies within the Forté network.

Diane Morgan, Associate Dean of Programmes at the Business School, is a champion of the Business School’s efforts to tackle gender disparities and is also a Forté Foundation Board member. She said: “Worldwide there is an under-representation of women pursuing postgraduate management education and this has a knock-on effect on the number of women who hold senior director roles within corporations. As a sponsor of the Forté Foundation, we can now reach out to more women across the world, and through funding Forté Fellowships, encourage more women to consider and apply for an MBA at Imperial College Business School. At Imperial we are committed to gender parity on all of our programmes because we know that having more women in leadership roles will have a long-term positive impact on business.”

Imperial College Business School also runs several other initiatives to promote gender diversity across its programmes. You can find out more on these as well as the Forté fellowships on the Business School’s website.

By Dr Maija Maskuniitty, NHLI Career Development Coordinator


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