NHLI Olympics Summer Social for Students

Written by Ms Katherine Strong (Research Postgraduate Student, Treasurer of the NHLI Postgraduate Committee) and Mr Liam Couch (Research Postgraduate Student, Chair of the NHLI Postgraduate Committee).

Olympics Social_photo_2016-08-31

As an end of year summer event, the National Heart and Lung Institute held an Olympic themed social event for students at Eastside bar in South Kensington. The aim of this event was to encourage interactions between students based at different campuses and to improve the student experience in NHLI. As the department is spread across five different campuses with a lack of common social space, some students can feel isolated. Holding cross-campus social events helps build networks between students in different research groups and campuses and promotes an informal support network for students.

Olympics Social_photo2_2016-08-31

Following the success of a previous event in May and to celebrate the Olympics, we decided to hold an Olympic themed social event, where students enjoyed pizza and Brazilian snacks while watching the Olympics. Around 45 students from across all NHLI campuses attended the social, which received good feedback. Students suggested creating a Facebook group for NHLI students to keep in touch and to provide a support network for students. We are looking forward to our Christmas social event, which the Graduate School has provided funding for.


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