I’m very encouraged to see that Imperial has joined the 30% Club, which is a global campaign aiming get a minimum of 30% women on key governing bodies.  It was first for FTSE-100 boards but has since expanded to organisations such as universities.

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Imperial started this initiative when we hosted the meeting to launch WomenCount Leaders in Higher Education report earlier this year.

This declaration by the College is backed by practical initiatives such as a new Executive MBA scholarship scheme for women in partnership with the 30% Club. In addition to the financial scholarship from Imperial, successful applicants will receive a range of support from the 30% Club, including a cross-company mentoring scheme and exclusive event invitations.  Although we clearly have Alice Gast to thank for much of this, it’s a very positive message to see other senior leaders in the College very much present at the events around this and actively promoting the Athena agenda.

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Written by Professor Sian Harding