Increasing your profile and visibility

If you do a google search for yourself what do you find? Are you visible?

Think about the range of people that may do a search for you: colleagues, new contacts, potential collaborators/employers/employees etc. Would they be able to find you? Is the information they find what you would want them to see?

Five things you can do to increase your profile and visibility:

(1)    Create (or update) your Imperial Personal Web Page (PWP)

This is likely to be the first hit on Google when people search for you. What does your PWP say about you? Think about how you would like other people to see you. Make sure you highlight your key roles, activities or research and consider uploading your CV. Ensure that Symplectic and Spiral are up to date so that you are REF-compliant and your PWP is automatically updated with your recent publications. Finally, set yourself a calendar reminder to log in regularly to keep your page up to date.

(2)    If you are a researcher or academic get an ORCID iD

This is a unique researcher identifier which can be added to your research outputs to ensure that your work is easily distinguished from that of other researchers (particularly those with similar names). Register now – according to the website it takes only 30 seconds!

(3)    Write something for the NHLI blog or the Imperial Medicine blog

In NHLI we welcome blog posts from staff or students on interesting articles, events, training courses, work/life balance or anything else you think might be of interest to others. The Imperial Medicine Blog is a platform for researchers, students and staff to describe their work, share their stories and discuss ideas with the rest of the world, in their own words.

Alternatively, why not write a post for a group or organisation related to your work or even create your own blog? For inspiration have a look at:

If you have any queries please contact Helen Johnson or Lindsay Melling

(4)    Get tweeting

If you don’t have time to write a blog consider short, sharp tweets to share information, let people know about your research or publications or to comment on hot topics. You can also link your twitter feed to your Personal Web Page. Don’t forget to follow @ImperialNHLI on Twitter. For guidelines and tips see:

If you want any help with Twitter please contact Helen Johnson.

(5)    Create (or update) a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn provides an additional means of increasing your visibility, particularly within sectors outside HE. It also increases your number of ‘weak ties’, people outside of your inner circle of friends and colleagues who provide access to a wider range of information and opportunities. If you are new to LinkedIn or want to find out more about what it can do for you have a look at:


Other sources of information:

Relevant College training courses:

If you’d like to find out more why not consider one of the following training courses:


Lindsay Melling, Career Development Coordinator, NHLI

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